Centre of Excellence Program

Vendman created a network of ‘Centres of Excellence’ nationwide because there’s no off-the-shelf template for running a vending company.

Individual vending businesses each have their own way of doing things; systems that work for them. The idea behind Centres of Excellence was the creation of a cartel that would recognise and celebrate the most innovative, effective and beneficial applications of Vendman software.

Vendman Centres of Excellence benefit the UK vending industry at large. The centres open their doors to companies that don’t yet use Vendman, so they can see for themselves how the country’s leading vending operators use Vendman’s industry-leading technology to maintain complete control of their businesses.

Vendman Centre of Excellence

Current Centres of Excellence


BVS Vending

Gem Vending

LTT Vending

Options Management



Excel Vending

Myrtle Coffee

Upton Group

Vending Solutions

What is our Centre of Excellence program?

You could be forgiven for imagining that all vending companies conduct business in the same way: they all service, fill, stock and maintain vending machines. But every individual business has its own ways of doing things, systems that work for them. That’s why every single Vendman application in the marketplace is bespoke.

All Vendman Centres of Excellence demonstrate to potential users the power of Vendman unleashed. We could talk to you about the features and benefits of our technology for a month, but that’s not half as effective spending an hour experiencing the system at work in the real world.

The Principals of each Centre of Excellence gather with Vendman Directors annually to network, share best practise, and let their hair down in an environment in which excellence comes as standard. Customers become Centres of Excellence by invitation only.


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