‘Wright’ to the Toubkal Summit!

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A few months ago,  Janet Wright our Office Manager took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity, to raise money for The Point Foundation Charity. Her and husband John pledged to raise around £1,800 each to give to the charity.

Once they both agreed to go ahead with the trek, and them later finding out, ‘Jebel Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and is the intended goal for thier expedition, standing at 4167 metres high it is the equivalent of over 3.5 times the height of Snowdon.’ It was soon time for training to begin.

John and Janet put preparation and started trekking around Derbyshire. At this point they had a month to go before heading out to Morocco.

About the Orphanage…. With 700 children to look after, the Noel Orphanage in Nyundo had few resources to care for their disabled children and youth.  Disability is still viewed as a shameful stigma in much of Rwanda – these young vulnerable people were considered the lowest priority. Years of mistreatment & malnutrition has further traumatised them – some even died through neglect.

£100 will cover all medical costs for an entire house for a whole month.  £30 will cover the costs for a full time carer for a whole week. Please give what you can as every penny really makes the difference to these orphans.

23rd May 2016

‘Amazing first day in Marrakesh, extremely hot reaching 38 degrees! Was nice meeting the rest of the team this morning, before travelling to Imlil at the base of the mountains. Spending the night here before we begin the trek tomorrow.. so beautiful here. Really looking forward to it now!’ said Janet after safely arriving in Marrakesh.

Early start, today is the day. ‘All packed and ready for our first day of trekking. Temperature 20 degrees at the moment, should be around 13 degrees when we get further up the mountain. Didn’t sleep well at all, only getting about 4 hours. Not surprised as I found a mouse in our room earlier on in the day.. and I hate mice!!’ said Janet.

The first day was walking for 8 hours to reach a mountain hut at 3200 altitude. Both were extremely excited!

After a refreshing sleep and plenty of food no doubt, they tackled the final day of the trek and managed to reach the Summit of Toubkal, which is located in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Together they raised £2,145 for The Point Foundation..


Well done Janet & John, fantastic achievement and all for a good cause. Be inspired and do something for charity!

Donate here.. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Janet-Wright7