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Zo ja, van harte welkom om Vendman!

Wenn ja, willkommen bei Vendman!

In fact, wherever in Europe you’re running your business…

Welcome to Vendman!

As our business grows in mainland Europe, we’ve noticed that the number of visits to our website from beyond Great Britain is rising month-on-month.

With customers in Germany, Belgium and Holland already on-board, we’ve been doing our best to establish ourselves in Europe, by attending such events as Venditalia and EU Vend. Additionally, we’ve been delighted to have had articles about us published in that great trade magazine and Internet portal, Vending Report.

It suddenly occurred to us that those articles have only been published in German and we thought it made sense to post them in English so that non-German speakers (like the majority of our UK customers, for instance!), can have an opportunity to get up to speed with Vendman’s plans for Europe – and our progress along the road.

We hope you enjoy reading our first story, ‘Integration’ and that you won’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr Ian Forde, Vendman Executive Chairman, Europe if you’re based in mainland Europe and wish to learn much, much more about Vendman. Click here to e-mail him.


Ian Forde, Executive Chairman, Europe of market-leading British software company Vendman calls it ‘integration’, but that seems too simple a word to describe what can be accomplished when Vendman software is partnered with telemetry systems. ‘Revolutionary’ might be more appropriate…VENDMAN STAND 1 11

Whichever telemetry system you use, Vendman can work with you to deliver the information you need to run your business even more effectively – and more profitably…

Cashless is gaining ground against ‘real money’ as the consumer’s preferred payment method all over Europe. Meanwhile, the costs associated with cash transactions are increasing.

Logical Step

That’s why combining Vendman and your chosen telemetry system now is a logical step that’s guaranteed to ease your pathway to cashless vending. Vendman has a strong relationship with the vending industry – the company commands over 80% of the UK market and it is growing exponentially in Germany – but compatibility with telemetry systems makes Vendman’s offer to operators even more compelling.

‘The integration is driven by technology’, Ian said. ‘Telemetry normally provides information on a weekly, or even a monthly basis, but by integrating with Vendman, we can create a brand-new ecosystem that allows operators to access information every day.

It’s hard to see the wood for the trees…

The average operator sees a lot of ‘solutions’ out there and sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees’, Ian said. ‘But now, we can integrate our system into your telemetry of choice, it makes even more sense – it gets funds into your accounting system much more efficiently.

‘In my experience, a vending operator is – and I suspect always will be – cash rich and time poor’, Ian continued. ‘Of course, they want to investigate margin enhancing add-ons, but they’re equally interested in making the day-to-day tasks of running a vending business run more smoothly. We’re now in a position to help them achieve that goal and consequently, to free more time to evaluate and perhaps apply more elaborate concepts to enhance their operations.

By partnering with Vendman, vending operators in Germany can eliminate a lot of the stress involved in cashless trading.

‘By partnering with Vendman, vending operators in Germany can eliminate a lot of the stress involved in cashless trading’, Ian added. ‘Rather than having to reconcile fiscal data from different sources, the integration of an existing telemetry system into Vendman means that an operator receives cashless income via Vendman. The advantages incumbent in this are that sales can then be allocated to individual machines; and data about sales – such as the performance of individual products and the profitability of individual machines – can be accessed in exactly the same way as it is for cash sales.

By harnessing the power of Vendman with your existing telemetry, you can access far better information far more quickly

‘Put simply’, Ian concluded, ‘by harnessing the power of Vendman with your existing telemetry, you can access far better information far more quickly; enabling you to make far better decisions.

As cashless purchases continue to advance in the vending marketplace, it makes sense to investigate how combining Vendman’s award-winning software with your existing telemetry system could save you time and make you money.

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