Vendman Main Sponsor -The Vendies

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Vendman MD Rob Little was delighted to confirm our sponsorship of The Vendies to be held on 28th June at The Millenium Gloucester, in London ‘Vendman has made its name by giving vending operators complete control over their businesses. We work with our clients every day in pursuit of excellence in vending, so we’re delighted to be Main Sponsor for The Vendies, the awards that recognise and reward excellence. It’s a perfect fit.’ Said Rob. We truly hope that the Vending Industry will support these awards by submitting applications and then voting for their favourites in each category. … and of course it’ll be great to see everyone book a table at the awards ceremony. Click here for further information… … Read More

Now You Can Use Parcel Holders Via Your Vendman Software

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They haven’t been around for too long, but we couldn’t help noticing that many of our customers choose Parcel Holders to solve their spare parts logistics problems. MD Ed Fraser saw the connection too and he asked us, ‘since so many vending companies log on to Vendman every day, wouldn’t it be great if they could access the Parcel Holders service via Vendman?’ Step One in achieving this was the creation of an API, which  stands for Application Programme Interface.  Basically, it’s a set of functions and procedures that enable the creation of Apps, which in turn can be used to access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. Prior to integrating with Vendman, Parcel … Read More

The Year Of Integration: Vianet

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Looking ahead to 2016, a year or ago, we decided on a theme: At Vendman, 2016 would be our ‘Year of Integration’ Now, as 2016 draws to a close, we can look back and think ‘that was the year of integration that was.’ We’ve announced strategic partnerships with Vianet, Automatic Retailing and Parcel Holders to add valuable, additional ‘power’ to your Vendman software. Matt Lane is MD of Vianet and he described the partnership between two of vending’s leading technology companies as ‘the creation of a new eco-system for vending operators.’ Vendman and Vianet ‘We’re both in the world of connectivity’, Matt said. ‘Vendman connects vending operators to machine data via had-held devices, Vianet does it by telemetry. It made … Read More

Out Of This World!

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… and we’ve landed on Planet Vending! We took a huge leap of faith recently when we invited the press to sit on a crucial meeting we were holding at our HQ with Parcel Holders. Planet Vending Editor Ian Reynolds-Young joined us as we discussed the finer details of our ‘Integration’ collaboration. It could have gone pear-shaped; fortunately it didn’t! You can read Ian’s account of his experience here, on Planet Vending and for once, you can believe all you read in the press…

Sind Sie Aus Deutschland? Kom je vandaan Holland?

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Zo ja, van harte welkom om Vendman! Wenn ja, willkommen bei Vendman! In fact, wherever in Europe you’re running your business… Welcome to Vendman! As our business grows in mainland Europe, we’ve noticed that the number of visits to our website from beyond Great Britain is rising month-on-month. With customers in Germany, Belgium and Holland already on-board, we’ve been doing our best to establish ourselves in Europe, by attending such events as Venditalia and EU Vend. Additionally, we’ve been delighted to have had articles about us published in that great trade magazine and Internet portal, Vending Report. It suddenly occurred to us that those articles have only been published in German and we thought it made sense to post them … Read More

‘Wright’ to the Toubkal Summit!

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  A few months ago,  Janet Wright our Office Manager took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity, to raise money for The Point Foundation Charity. Her and husband John pledged to raise around £1,800 each to give to the charity. Once they both agreed to go ahead with the trek, and them later finding out, ‘Jebel Toubkal is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains and is the intended goal for thier expedition, standing at 4167 metres high it is the equivalent of over 3.5 times the height of Snowdon.’ It was soon time for training to begin. John and Janet put preparation and started trekking around Derbyshire. At this point they had a month to go before heading out to Morocco. About the Orphanage…. With 700 … Read More

Mum and Baby Are Doing Fine!

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Our Isobel has delivered! (No surprises there, then 🙂 ) We’re delighted to announce the arrival of Brody George Harper, who weighed in at 7lb 14oz on Monday 6 June. Mum and baby are doing fine. We know you’ll want to join us in congratulating the happy couple and raising a glass: ‘to Isobel, Tom and baby Brody’!

A Challenging Proposition

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Our own Janet Wright and her husband John have accepted a challenge that will take them both to the limit of their physical resources. The challenge for the rest of us is to back them all the way …  FROM ROB LITTLE, MD, VENDMAN It wasn’t too hard for me to admit to myself that my days of climbing serious mountains were over: when I took a close look at what was involved in The Point Foundation Charity Trek, I just had to hold up my hands… But that’s not to say that Vendman won’t be taking part. On the contrary, we’ll be represented on the trek by Janet Wright, our Office Manager, and her husband, John. You can find … Read More

Latest Vendman News

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The presses have been turning this week with our news that with our further expansion into Europe we have joined the EVA. In order to help us with the additional challenges working in Europe brings, industry expert Ian Forde has agreed to join us as Executive Chairman, Europe. As we have more news we will of course update you! Here is what we’ve said to Planet Vending.

Congratulations to Nathan

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Looking at our news posts recently you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was nothing happening to anyone else except Nathan! This couldn’t be further from the truth as will be demonstrated in the next day or so however we’ve saved this post for Nathan. We are delighted to announce that we have promoted him to the board of Vendman and he is now Product Director. This move highlights the sterling work that Nathan has put into the company over the last ten years. He has become highly respected by the industry and we’re proud to be ‘growing our own’. Read more of his journey here.