Now You Can Use Parcel Holders Via Your Vendman Software

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They haven’t been around for too long, but we couldn’t help noticing that many of our customers choose Parcel Holders to solve their spare parts logistics problems.

MD Ed Fraser saw the connection too and he asked us, ‘since so many vending companies log on to Vendman every day, wouldn’t it be great if they could access the Parcel Holders service via Vendman?’

Step One in achieving this was the creation of an API, which  stands for Application Programme Interface.  Basically, it’s a set of functions and procedures that enable the creation of Apps, which in turn can be used to access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

Prior to integrating with Vendman, Parcel Holders customers had been required to go to their website, log in; find the details of the engineer they want; identify an appropriate PUDO (PickUp, DropOff point) and then fill in any other required details; such as consignment value, job number, special requests and so on. Added to the reporting protocol that highlighted the requirement in the first place, and that was a lot of duplication of activity, right there…

At least, it was: it isn’t anymore… ‘The API provides a simple way of sending a file to our computer and as long as it’s formatted as per instructions, that’s all that has to be done’, Ed said. ‘It misses out the middleman: to reiterate, you don’t have to log into our system to use the service.’

By accessing Parcel Holders’ services via the Vendman platform, the risk of human error from manual data input is eliminated, the time required to create deliveries is reduced; data inputting duplication is history and all parties are automatically kept ‘in the loop’.

‘Parcel Holders provides a service that both vending operators and machine manufacturers have adopted’, Rob Little said. ‘They were making a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use their service; it was ‘A Day In The Life’ of an engineer and when the camera started to roll, the first thing the subject of the video (Dave Bryant of Uvenco) said about his working day was that he ‘logs on to Vendman’. I think that’s when the original inspiration to link our software to their service was born.’

The deal between Vendman and Parcel Holders is an ‘exclusive’, meaning that Vendman is the only management software platform with which Parcel Holders will integrate.

‘It’s yet another reason for choosing Vendman’, Rob said.