JW Vending Comes Of Age

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JW Vending

As JW Vending approaches its 21st birthday, the company is celebrating netting a substantial piece of new business – and we are at the heart of it.

They say that if you stick at it, hard work and dedication eventually pay off and to prove the point, John Worgan’s Bristol-based JW Vending recently landed it’s the largest and most prestigious contract, in its 21st year of trading.

‘It was very satisfying to be awarded the business, John told PV. ‘In a single deal, we’ve increased our machine park by almost 15%. On top of that, the contract has given us the opportunity to embrace the very latest in drinks dispensing technology. We’re installing state of the art machines from Coffetek and Crane, equipped with Vianet cashless payment facilities supplied by Vendman.’

JW Vending

With a host of cashless solutions on the market, why did JW Vending choose the Vianet option? ‘We already use Vendman in the business, so it was an easy decision to make’, he said. ‘The main benefit of the system as we go forward will be the App, which will allow us to see at a glance which products are performing and which aren’t. It will be our way of making sure we don’t carry stock that doesn’t sell.

It’s a huge step forward for JW Vending, a business that is, through and through a family firm. John’s three sons, Lee, Christian and Andrew are all part of the company and ‘Girl Friday’ Rachel Mountstevens, who’s been with around since Day One and – according to John – ‘plays a significant role in running the company’.

‘We all hope and expect that this will prove to be a pivotal moment in the story of JW Vending, John said. We’ve built the business by offering customers throughout Avon, Worcestershire; Wiltshire, Gloucestershire; South-West England and South-West Wales the widest possible choice, supported by the state-of-the-art, reliable machines and the highest quality ingredients, including fresh food that’s delivered daily. We like to think that we’ll now be in the frame for other, similarly sized contracts that were previously considered to be beyond our scope.’