Dodging Bullets… That’s Mr Vendman!

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The amazing news is that our in-house racehorse, Mr. Vendman, trained by Ian Williams, has been declared ‘fit and ready to compete again’.

Amazing? It’s not long since the four-year old was diagnosed with a broken pedal bone…


Despite many recent advances in veterinary care, the outlook is often hopeless when a horse breaks a bone in its leg. At best, it’s difficult and expensive to repair and the horse has to be retired. At worst, the animal has to be destroyed. Even if the horse survives and is sound, there is always cause for concern that it will never return to the same level of work it was at before the injury.


Fighting fit: Mr. Vendman

Ian Williams explained: ‘The horse’s foot contains a single large bone called the pedal bone, with a smaller bone just behind it at the back of the foot called the navicular bone. Pedal bone fractures are sometimes an exception to the gloomy prognosis for leg fractures. When the injury is diagnosed promptly, and treated correctly, the possibility of a full recovery can be excellent.’

‘It was this injury that led to the legendary horse ‘Arkle’ being put down’, Rob said. ‘By March, we’d pretty much given up on him. He had no shoes on, no support and when the vet said ‘let’s get him in from the field and take a look at him’, we thought the end had come.’

Wolverhampton Races. Care to join us on the 21st?

The ensuing X-Ray surprised everybody. ‘There was absolutely no sign of the injury, it’d healed so well’, Rob said. ‘Ian decided we had nothing to lose so Mr Vendman went back into light training and the next thing you know, he’s declared ‘ready to race’.

‘With the traumas he’s been through he really has no right to be alive’, Rob said. ‘He’s been virtually re-built.’ Mr. Vendman has been entered at Wolverhampton on Saturday, 21st November.

‘This is a flat race’, Rob said, ‘a way of easing him back into jumping. Fingers crossed, he will be sound and will come on for the race then we can look forward to him winning!!

Maybe he should change his name to ‘The Six Million Dollar Horse?’ – but Rob has a better idea: ‘We should call him ‘Dodging Bullets’, he said.

* Would you like to join us at Wolverhampton to witness Mr Vendman’s come-back? Please contact your Account manger asap!