Customer Satisfaction Survey: Feedback

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From Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel

Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel

Firstly, thank you to those that took part in our Customer Satisfaction Survey in April; your feedback was used as the foundation of a workshop held with the Vendman and Vianet support teams and helped us to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of both teams.  The purpose of the workshop was to draw on these strengths and create a Service Charter (attached), which would ensure a better experience for all our customers and help us to prioritise the significant changes we needed to make to the way we work in order to minimise the weaknesses.  

If you have not already completed the survey – or you have more to tell us – you can do so by clicking HERE

The Service Charter was also used to underpin the quality and performance metrics that have been introduced for our staff which, along with the feedback requests you now receive after a ticket is closed, will allow us to ensure we are constantly measuring our performance and looking for ways to improve.

During the workshop, the teams worked collectively to create a mission statement that reflects our commitment to improving the service we offer our customers under the new ‘Smart Machines’ banner.

A customer focussed team; taking ownership, finding solutions and striving for excellence”
Support Team service commitment, April 2019

Outside of the Service Charter, we have made some big changes to the way we work, the most significant of which being the introduction of a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Help Desk system and the appointment of a new Customer Experience Manager (Jay Clark).  This system will allow us to better manage the work we do for our customers, allowing us to prioritise the things that are impacting your business the most.  Jay’s role will be to oversee these systems and ensure the team are delivering against the promises we’ve made.  Our newly appointed Quality and Compliance Manager (Alex Kerr) will work alongside Jay to ensure the quality of the work we are doing is aligned to our new Quality Framework.

We have also introduced a dedicated Technical Support Team – which you can read about by clicking HERE. The tech team are currently working on a website that will offer field workers, operators and engineers immediate access to the information and tools they need to install our devices, along with some useful tips and tricks for when things go wrong; we’re really excited about this and look forward to sharing it with you all very soon!