‘A Critical Appointment’: Jo Vinton Bulwinkel Joins Vianet Smart Machines / Vendman

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Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel has joined Vianet Smart Machines / Vendman as Head of Customer Experience in an appointment we view as ’critical’ to our ambitious growth plans.

Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel

Jo has been head-hunted from Firstsource Solutions UK Ltd. Where, within the space of just two years, she progressed from Operations Manager to Process Excellence Manager and ultimately Client Director. Her journey was punctuated by spectacular achievement, most visibly in the accolades that were bestowed upon her, including: the CCA Excellence Award, 2017 – ‘Innovation in BPO’; North East Employee of the Year, 2018 and the North East Leadership Award, 2018. Jo was also shortlisted for the GSA Financial Services Outsourcing Project of the Year, 2017.

It’s a career that, to date, has been unfurled among the pinistripes and white shirts of The Square Mile and yet the offer to join Vianet Smart Machines / Vendman, so close to the start of our journey, proved to be one she couldn’t refuse. In her new role, she’ll be responsible for ensuring we stay ahead of the curve through transformational solutions that constantly reimagine business processes and deliver increased efficiency, deeper insights and superior outcomes to customers.

‘It’s been my job to go into clients and study processes with a view to seeing how they could be improved in order to make them more profitable’, Jo said. ‘Before I left Firstsource, my role had begun to change; I was increasingly involved in the insight and analytics side of client businesses, working with tangible data from, for instance, customer satisfaction surveys. That really appealed to me and when an agency approached me about this job, it was clear that it would encompass a lot of things I liked.’

Jo’s CV gives an intriguing insight as to the direction in which Vianet Smart Machines / Vendman is heading. ‘My background is change and customer experience, looking at processes, making business more customer focused. There’s great potential here, just waiting to be tapped’, Jo said.